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Empowering Dreams, Enriching Workforces: The Jiseki Advantage

Jiseki's innovative platform and strategic partnerships create a trusted ecosystem where immigrants thrive and employers access motivated, legal and loyal talent. Our comprehensive approach is built to ensure long-term success for all.

For Immigrants 🤝

Curated, quality job opportunities

  • 🎯 Fast, AI-powered job matching

  • 📄 Dynamically built resumes & documentation

  • 📈 Data-informed career growth advice

24/7 AI-assisted job & life success support:

  • 🚀 Job-success skills support

  • 🚗 Transportation solutions

  • 🗣️ Real-time, culturally-aware translation

  • 💰 Intelligent financial advisory

  • 📄 Immigration assistance with leading agencies across the US

Personalized communication: Language and literacy level tailored to each individual

Vibrant community network: When immigrants join Jiseki, they connect, learn, and grow with peers

For Employers ​📈

Efficient, cost-effective talent acquisition

  • 💸 35% lower cost than traditional agencies

  • 🌍 AI-driven nationwide talent matching in seconds

  • ⚡ Lightning-fast 3-day worker replacement

Enhanced workforce performance and retention

  • 📊 80% worker retention at 90 days (vs. industry rate of 20%)

  • 💡 Access to diverse, innovation-driving talent pool

  • 🤖 Automated, culturally-sensitive onboarding

Smart, scalable workforce management

  • ​📈 Predictive analytics for smart workforce planning

  • 📱 User-friendly platform with real-time insights

  • 💼 Scalable solutions for businesses of all sizes

How It Works

From the perspective of immigrants


Easy Onboarding
Icon of a person texting.jpg

Immigrants are easily onboarded at the times and places that matter most. Non-profits and community leaders help immigrants join Jiseki with personalized QR codes or asking us to reach out.

Screenshot 2024-07-22 at 12_edited_edite


Instant Personalization & Support

Through our patented platform which combines conversation and AI, we personalize services to immigrant needs with a focus on job-matching. Immigrants receive culturally and linguistically relevant communications via SMS messaging, voice and web services. #trust


Always-on Concierge Support

Jiseki services are available 24/7. Humans are automatically alerted and brought in to conversations when needed.


We Work with the Best

"Jiseki Team - We appreciate the partnership and the chance to give these refugees a great employment opportunity!"

Kate Manzanares
Regional Human Resources Director, Great Wolf Resorts


Built for Now. Built for the Future.

Immigration to the US is Increasing

The Shortage in Hourly Workers is Increasing

Employers are not Equipped to Provide All Necessary Services to Immigrant Employees

Non-profits Working with Migrants are not Equipped to Place Them at Employers

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