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A 21st Century Immigrant Labor Platform 

We provide digital benefits and AI-enabled concierge support to immigrants and connect them to employers


For Immigrants

Placement in good-paying jobs to address financial insecurity
Ongoing skills-based training
The removal of barriers to employment such as transportation, translation, money management, and immigration services that other entities cannot remove

For Employers

35% lower cost than temp agencies
80% Jiseki worker retention at 90 days vs Industry rate of 20% 
Nationwide availability
3-day replacement of workers who quit
Simplified pricing


How It Works

Simple Onboarding

People self-onboard with an individualized QR code. Aim at the camera, open a text message, answer 3 questions, and become a Jiseki member.



Digital Benefits Delivery

Through our patented platform which combines conversation and AI, we personalize services to immigrant needs. 


Always-on Concierge Support

Jiseki services are available 24/7. Humans are automatically alerted and brought in to conversations when needed.


We Work with the Best

"Jiseki Team - We appreciate the partnership and the chance to give these refugees a great employment opportunity!"

Kate Manzanares
Regional Human Resources Director, Great Wolf Resorts


Built for Now. Built for the Future.

Immigration to the US is Increasing

The Shortage in Hourly Workers is Increasing

Employers are not Equipped to Provide All Necessary Services to Immigrant Employees

Non-profits Working with Migrants are not Equipped to Place Them at Employers

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