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Who are Jiseki's candidates?


Our candidates are new immigrants to the United States who have work permits and are thus legally authorized to work. They came to the US from all over the world but mainly from Central and South America, Europe, and Asia. We screen and vet them to ensure they’re motivated and able to work and we assist them with language and transportation issues as needed. 


Why hire an immigrant?


Immigrant workers bring both an enthusiasm to build a new life in America and fresh perspectives and insights, which help our clients find new ways to solve problems and improve processes. Their hard work, skills, training, and experiences lead to innovation.


How does Jiseki identify and prepare candidates?


There are four parts to the Jiseki process:


1 - Sourcing. We source immigrants through their networks and from trusted non-profit organizations that work with immigrants and have both gained an initial understanding of who they and confirmed that they’re able to work and that they’re interested in finding employment.


2 - Screening and vetting. Using a combination of our people and our patented AI-based engagement platform, we learn about the immigrants we source - their background, their experience, their skills, their motivations, and their cultural and employment needs - and use the information and impressions we gather to match them against jobs our clients are recruiting for. We then vet our candidates through background checks. 


3 - Creating a community. Individuals are reinforced by their communities both in terms of peer support, culture, values, and stability and in terms of having people around them who can help solve problems that threaten to derail their plans and their lives. Jiseki’s concierges do more than emphasize community, they also connect individuals to peers whom we also work with to involve them in creating and maintaining these communities. In some cases, this has helped solve short- and long-term transportation needs, and in other cases this has helped people overcome language barriers or simply get great, relevant advice. 


4 - Post-employment engagement. When someone starts work, the role of a typical placement agency ends. We know, however, that people’s needs are ongoing and ever-changing, and we aim to be with them indefinitely. Through regular communication and conversation, we learn about issues that emerge, solve them, and, where necessary, bubble them up to our clients. We know this helps with retention and also makes for happier, more motivated workers.


Are there any supplemental costs for Jiseki's services?


No. For less than the typical cost of a placement agency, Jiseki sources, identifies, screens, vets, sets expectations, and places immigrants and then continues to engage them post-employment with concierge services to improve retention and their overall well-being.


Why shouldn’t I work with a traditional recruiting agency?


Jiseki can do three things a typical recruiting agency cannot: find and source hardworking new immigrants to America, stay with the people we place for the long-haul both to encourage retention and to solve life issues no recruiting agency is built to solve, and work across geographies that recruiters with a local focus cannot. We also cost less.


Why would I work with Jiseki rather than use a job board or work with a non-profit to find and recruit immigrants?


Our goal is to reduce the overall burden on our clients to find and retain strong employees. We understand that to do this requires a fine-tuned understanding of an individual's talents and interests, both in terms of business skills and soft skills. We gather this information through conversation and we take the time to build a relationship. This allows us to learn about and solve issues before they affect a person's job performance. No job board can offer that.

Jiseki qualifies and vets each candidate (everything from basic screening) using a proprietary, patented engagement platform we've built. We learn what employers are looking for and we use a combination of questions and conversation to ensure we can gather and sift through information that helps us identify great employees who will stay on the job. We're built for speed and retention in the way a typical non-profit is not.


What type of companies and roles has Jiseki worked with before?


We have worked with clients in different verticals ranging from manufacturing to hospitality to retail. We can fulfill hiring needs in all types of industries.


Can Jiseki help me with large-scale recruitment needs?


Of course! We’ve worked with national employers to place dozens of people at each of multiple work sites, and we can quickly source large numbers of people through our networks and partners. Additionally, our patented engagement platform allows us to communicate with, screen, and vet large numbers of people quickly and efficiently.


Does Jiseki have national coverage?


Yes, today we work nationwide.

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