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  • Tushar Vasisht

Jiseki: Pioneering Digital Solutions for Global Immigrants

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

Empowerment, Innovation, and Growth Through Digitization of Micro-Services

In an increasingly interconnected world, the narrative of immigration and labor is not just a human rights issue but an economic one. Bridging the chasm between the analog limitations of the past and the digitized potential of the future is Jiseki.

Understanding the Jiseki Revolution

Jiseki's innovative marketplace harnesses the power of digital micro-services to empower Immigrants —whom we fondly call Jisekians. This revolutionary platform offers a seamless experience, from job placement and banking to education and government benefits. But what's groundbreaking is our ability to simultaneously monetize and drive societal impact.

The digital transition has clearly struck a chord. Our Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 73 is a testament to our impact and user satisfaction.

Addressing a Global Labor Challenge

The labor shortages, especially in entry-level roles across the US, Canada, and beyond, underscore the invaluable role Immigrants can play. These individuals, eager and driven, bring unique cultural perspectives, infusing workplaces with diversity and innovation. This is borne out by higher retention and lower turnover of Jisekians at employer site.

The Marketplace Edge

Our marketplace's success is multifaceted. With high gross profit margins, strong community engagement, employer demand, and a model resistant to competition, we stand poised to tap into a $32B+ Total Addressable Market (TAM).

From Tech Platform to ‘Preserver of life’ and Provider

Jiseki has evolved—from simply being a tech bridge for US governmental agencies and nonprofits to a platform that anchors the Jisekian experience. By focusing on direct user engagement, we ensure efficiency, time savings, and enhanced user satisfaction.

Network Effect & Profitable Engagement

The beauty of Jiseki lies in the "earn while you uplift" model. With a majority of our users being repeat utilizers, the network effect amplifies the marketplace's overall social and revenue impact.

A Scalable and Sustainable Model

Jiseki has mastered the art of scaling. Balancing supply with demand, fortifying tech infrastructure, and having an adaptable revenue model are pivotal to our marketplace's growth.

Pioneering Acquisition Strategies

Jiseki is leading the way with innovative QR codes for migrant onboarding and leveraging community leader virality loops. This dual approach not only drives user base expansion but does so cost-effectively.

University Partnerships: The Demand Catalyst

Our strategic collaborations with esteemed universities provide a conduit to tap into alumni networks, creating a ripple effect of awareness, engagement, and demand for our services.

Jiseki’s Technological Edge

Harnessing combinatorial innovation and our patented tech platform, we're addressing the urgent needs of global Immigrants—providing identity verification, financial inclusion, and more.

Financial Empowerment: The Jiseki Vision

In the modern world, data is currency. Jiseki's aim is to shift Immigrants from being "data rich, cash poor" to "data rich, cash rich." By streamlining processes and utilizing data-driven insights, we're fostering economic opportunities that benefit both Immigrants and businesses.

In essence, Jiseki isn’t just another business model. It’s a beacon of hope and empowerment, addressing pressing global issues with digital solutions. In investing in Jiseki, you aren't just investing in a business; you're becoming part of a movement that amalgamates compelling financial returns with profound societal impact.

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