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Preparing for a Loop Interview

Before you interview at Loop, please carefully read this page about how to prepare and what to bring

What You Need to Know

The exact date, time, and location of the interview.

Contact Jiseki with a text message if you're not sure

Names and titles of the interviewers.

Ask Jiseki to tell you who these people are if you are not sure

Background information about the company and its industry.

Read the web page and scroll down. Also pay attention to the benefits you can get from Loop. These are very valuable!

Loop believes in career development, and if you are hired and based on your good performance, you can be promoted to Assistant Team Leader and Team Leader, which will bring higher pay and more benefits.

The job description and key responsibilities of the position.

Ask Jiseki to send this to you if you have not received it

What You Need to Bring

A notepad and pen for taking notes

It's important for you show that you pay attention to what they say

Identification and any required paperwork to allow them to verify your identify

Bring your Social Security card plus a State Driver's License if you have it,  and an Employment Authorization Document, Green Card, or a US Passport

What You Need to Do

Practice answers to common interview questions and prepare questions to ask the interviewers.

Contact Jiseki if you're not sure how to do this. It's important to show the interviewer that you've been thinking about the job.

Plan the route to the interview location and allow extra time to arrive 15 minutes before the Interview time.

Being on time means being a little early. Coming early also gives you to the chance to see a store.

Dress appropriately for the company's culture and the job position.

Look professional. Wear comfortable but nice clothing.

How You Should Prepare

Get a good night's sleep before the interview day.​

It's important to be rested and awake

Prepare a brief “tell me about yourself” speech.

The interviewer will ask you tell them about yourself. Know how to answer this question in way that highlights your experience and why you want this job.

Rehearse the interview with Jiseki and focus on giving clear and concise responses.​​

Ask Jiseki to help as your practice! We want to help you get the job.

Review the job description and match personal skills and experiences to the role requirements.

It is important to be able to tell the interviewer why you can do the job

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