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Preparing for Your First Day of Work at Loop

Congratulations on getting a job! Please carefully read this page about how to prepare for your first day of work.

What New Employees Need to Know

The start time and location, including building and floor or office number

This may be different from your interview location. Check with Jiseki if you're not sure.

An overview of the first day's schedule or agenda

As much as possible, know what to expect on the first day of work.

What you should wear to work

Make sure you dress the way Loop expects you to dress.

The name of your supervisor or team leader and any immediate team members

If you do not know, ask Jiseki to help!

What You Need to Bring

Identification and social security card or work permit for HR documentation

Loop will check these items on the first day of work and may not let you work if you don't have them.

Any completed forms or paperwork required by HR​

Did Loop ask you to complete any forms or paperwork? If so, fill them out and bring them to work. Ask Jiseki if you need any help.

Bank details for payroll setup

Loop can send your pay directly to your bank if you know the name of your bank, your bank account number, and the routing number for your bank. All of this should be on a check or on other official bank document.

Emergency contact information

Tell Loop who to call in case there's an emergency involving you.

What You Need to Do

Confirm travel arrangements to arrive on time, accounting for potential delays

Make a great first impression by getting to work a little early.

Familiarize yourself with the company’s policies and procedures

Read the paperwork Loop provides you to learn about its expectations.

Set up your workspace, if possible, and make sure you understand how to use the technology and equipment

Loop will train you, but ask questions if anything isn't clear.

How You Should Prepare

If you're having a meal on your shift, either bring it or know where to get it

Meals won't be provided so plan properly.

Introduce yourself to your coworkers and be prepared to tell them about yourself

Workers who know each other work better together. Let your coworkers get to know you.

Review the job description and any provided materials again to refresh your understanding of the role

Make sure you know what you need to do on the job

Set personal and professional goals for the first week and month

Goals help you focus and perform better. What do you want to accomplish and learn?

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